Management of the commercial cycle in utilities

Ayesa carries out different services focused on supporting the management of the commercial cycle of utilities.

Clients of the stature of Endesa entrust the company with these processes.

In this line, Ayesa currently develops several specialist services, which include:

  • Back-Office of the Operations Service Company, which includes the comprehensive management of the services of contracting, billing and management of the measure within the segments of major accounts and companies. It also covers international management, in countries such as Portugal, France, Holland and Germany, which implies having on-hand bilingual teams in certain languages. Plus, the Market Agents (RAM), which is a back office specialised in the reception and management of the payment of the ATR[1] billing sent by the distributors. Here Ayesa drafts improvements in the processes for the control of payment due dates and implements solutions in the receipt and treatment of utility bills.
  • Back-Office of the Service to the SVA Operations Area. Ayesa has expanded its already extensive experience in energy products, with the inclusion of new products catalogued as value-added services. The company monitors the life cycle of each offer including acceptance, planning, processing of incidents, verification of documentation, validity of contracts and detection of projects not configured correctly, management of alarms and critical defects. The service includes assistance through telephone, chatter and mailbox, handling services to suppliers and managers, providing added value with the preparation of follow-up reports on work, requests for over-costing, etc. Furthermore, claims, assistance to suppliers, management of billing and payment and LNG with follow-up, dialogue with the client and document management, (including holidays and weekends) are also managed.
  • Back-Office of the Commercial Operational Planning Service. This covers the editing and composition area, enabling the batch printing process of documents, or messages, that respond to the information needs derived from the chain of processes that comprise the billing, collection, contracting and segment activities, providing information coverage to eleven million customers. It also includes the service to the Area of ​​Public Administrations. Along these lines, Ayesa carries out coordination tasks between the different areas involved in the bidding and recruitment process through public invitations to bid. In figures, this support allows for the management of about 900 annual tender processes, amounting to a total value of 3,500 million euros.