Ayesa participates in the implementation of the ERP in the Colombian Military Industry, which is a Colombian state-run firm that manufactures weapons, explosives and ammunition. It is the main supplier of the Military and Police Forces in Colombia and also develops products for civilians.

 The company has opted for S / 4 Hana, a new generation of SAP Business Suite that is characterised by simplification, efficiency, planning and simulation. 

SAP S / 4HANA goes one step beyond the transaction system that only records data and provides end users with active support in real-time decisions.

The project in Indumil has focused on:

  • The installation, technical upgrade and reengineering of processes in SAP HCM and the configuration, parameterisation, loading of information, unitary, integral and stress tests, training, documentation and production start-up of the SAP S / 4HANA tool.
  • Implementation of the S / 4HANA platform and financial modules. 
  • Implementation of SOLMAN.
  • Implementation of the reform of the tax statute.