Arauco Climatic Platform


Development of a new GIS platform for the company Forestal Arauco, which consists of a geographical viewer of viewing and treatment of climatic information from different sources. Amongst other aspects, it seeks to improve the processes of provision of climate information by developing automatic processes for the transfer of observation data from its original data stores.

Said platform collects, stores and publishes climate information, integrating the network of meteorological stations belonging to Forestal Arauco and other external information sources. In turn, a data bank of meteorological stations information has been implemented. Similarly, it drafts reports and graphics.


 Tasks undertaken:

  • Creation BBP.
  • Creation of GIS data model Climatic Platform
  • Climatic Platform web application
  • Authentication and Administration Module
  • BackOffice Module
  • Indicators Module
  • Query module
  • Development of the Observations Bank module, in charge of ensuring the scalability and the incorporation in the future of new control networks, stations and parameters.

Trabajos realizados:

  • Elaboración BBP.
  • Creación modelo de datos GIS Plataforma Climática
  • Aplicación web Plataforma Climática
  • Módulo Autenticación y Administración
  • Módulo BackOffice
  • Módulo Indicadores
  • Módulo de consulta
  • Desarrollo módulo Banco de observaciones, encargado de asegurar la escalabilidad y la incorporación en el futuro de nuevas redes de control, estaciones y parámetros.