The Mérida Water Distribution Ring System

Ayesa performed the following work for this project:

A perimeter ring of 15.7 km in length, made from ductile cast iron, DN 600 mm, PN-16 (Class 30). A perimeter pump to provide pressure to the ring. A pump at Proserpina to replace the current pump, which was in poor conditions.

2.2 km-long piping from Proserpina, made from ductile cast iron, DN 500 mm, PN-16 (Class 30) A new reservoir at Proserpina, which can hold 5000 m3 of water and has a maximum water height of 4.5 m. N-V East and N-V West branch pipelines, both made from ductile cast iron, DN-400, and measuring 2.4 and 3.7 km in length. These take water from the ring and supply various urban areas in Mérida with water. The second branch pipeline also supplies the reservoir at Calamonte. Connections with Mérida's water supply network.

Unique features:

Jacking of 22 pipelines of between 10.40 m and 66 m in length to cross roads, railway lines, the San Lázaro Aqueduct and the Albarregas River channel. This was achieved by means of a metal pipe jacking system which used a rotating system with ø800 and ø1000 metal pipes.

The north and south crossings over the Guadiana River were achieved using directional drilling with polyethylene pipes. This involved the following characteristics:

  • South crossing: 354 m, ø713 PE/PN-16.
  • North crossing: 426 m, ø713 PE/PN-16.

Four areas of Mérida's water supply network with low pressure were identified in order to be supplied directly from this ring. For this purpose, 15 switching, by-pass and regulation chambers were built.