Channel of Navarra

Channel of Navarra

The Channel of Navarra, nowadays in execution, has his origin in Itoiz’s reservoir finishing his principal trunk in Lor’s artificial lagoon. His total length is of approximately 177 km, of which 145 correspond to the principal trunk and the 32 remaining ones to his branches.


The Channel of Navarra has been conceived from the point of view of the regulation as a ” Channel by functioning to the demand, by system of local regulation, supervised from a center of Control “. For it the channel possesses a series of beacons of regulation provided with paths hatches of sector type Taintor that are driven by means of actuadores electrical commanded by local PLC provided with algorithm type TRAY (improved Bival), which establish his slogans from the levels of the channel downstream from the hatches.

The object of the project that is executing is the development and implantation of the system of Control and Automation of the Sector of Regulation n º 1 that it includes:

  •     Production of the mathematical model of the channel.
  •     Electrical Supply to all the beacons (8 km from MT’s lines and 4 km from BT’s lines, 10 electricity-generating groups, 4 photovoltaic facilities).
  •     Installation of electrical actuators, level instrumentation (ultrasounds, radar, bubbling) position of hatches (linear, pendulous).
  •     Pictures of control with redundant PLC.
  •     Redundant Network of communications.
  •     Center of control.
  •     Center of Processing of Information (CPD).