Refurbishment of the old Valcárcel building for the University of Cádiz’s School of Education

The design submitted for this competition sought to create a building that would complement the existing features of the former orphanage. Taking into account the historic nature of the site, its exterior elevations had to be kept, as well as those of its inner courtyard. As such, only its outer finish could be touched, the existing façades could not be altered and the areas to be kept had to be decorated.

A series of passageways were established within the building, which were enhanced by directly connecting them to the new extension. The design of the new teaching building offered a solution to the constant flow of people between both buildings. The proposal took into account the fact that the site would be used by students, teaching staff, other university employees and visitors, and sought to make flows as efficient as possible whilst generating spaces for people to meet.

It also included a public interpretation centre and event hall in the basement. The aim was to boost these types of activities by including a stage/stand in the courtyard connected to this level.

Cádiz, Spain