Ayesa and Entelgy Innotec Security sign an agreement to lead the industrial cybersecurity sector

Ayesa and Entelgy Innotec Security sign an agreement to lead the industrial cybersecurity sector

Ayesa and Entelgy Innotec Security have signed a collaboration agreement with the aim of jointly offering advanced cybersecurity services for the industrial sector. This comes at a crucial time for companies, as they are immersed in a process of transformation caused by what is known as Industry 4.0 or the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The objective of this collaboration is to bring together the expertise and experience of both companies and offer comprehensive coverage through high value-added services in all the countries where both groups are present, namely Spain, the USA, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru.

By doing this, their aim is to become a leader in cybersecurity, specialised in protecting industrial companies and meeting their specific needs as part of the ongoing process of IT-OT convergence. As such, they have created a joint portfolio of solutions to protect companies from the ever-growing threat of cyberattacks, which can result in anything from production being paralysed and mistakes being made at any point in the process (with losses amounting to millions of euros) to critical, confidential information being stolen.

Ayesa, as an international engineering and technology consulting firm, brings to this partnership the experience it has gained over the past 55 years in the industrial and aerospace sectors, and more recently in the field of cybersecurity, where it has provided specialised services to numerous clients.

For its part, Entelgy Innotec Security, which has almost 20 years of experience in the cybersecurity sector and more than 450 highly qualified members of staff, brings a comprehensive range of services and advanced solutions. These cover all layers of security, with clients including major public and private organisations both in Spain and Latin America (UN, NATO, Spain’s National Cryptologic Centre (part of the National Intelligence Centre), Spain’s National Institute of Cybersecurity (INCIBE), IBEX companies, etc.).

Félix Muñoz, CEO of Entelgy Innotec Security, explains how ‘after working together on various projects in recent years, we have decided to closely collaborate in the field of cybersecurity, with the aim of offering high-end cybersecurity services, adapted to the specific needs of industrial organisations’.

For his part, Pedro Sanz, Director of Digital Transformation at Ayesa, notes how ‘we have decided to adopt a security strategy based on the “defence in depth” principle, which will allow us to offer comprehensive services to maximise a company’s level of security. This will involve everything from strategic planning, governance, rules and policies, to raising awareness amongst staff (who represent the weakest link in the chain), and protection and monitoring solutions’.

As such, in addition to consulting, security and protection services, both firms have included in their portfolio other high value-added services, such as the creation of threat reports (threat intelligence), penetration testing in OT/hybrid environments; the development of security policy frameworks; support for certification processes and other assistance; the protection of industrial and legacy systems; and resilience and preparation for incidents.