Ayesa is set to upgrade the HR IT system used to manage 15,000 public-sector workers in Extremadura

Over the next three years, Ayesa will modernise and make improvements to the Sirhus system, used in Extremadura. This HR management solution, which was specifically designed by Ayesa for managing public-sector workers more than two decades ago, is now a powerful platform with wide-ranging features, currently used in Andalusia, Extremadura and the Canary Islands.

It is within this context that the Department of Finance and Public Administration of the Regional Government of Extremadura has recently awarded Ayesa a 1.5-million-euro contract to provide strategy, continuous improvement, development and operating services for the system.

The purpose of the contract is to improve the functionality of the software, which is used to manage 15,000 public-sector workers in Extremadura, and enhance its capacity in terms of the HR processes it supports.

Sirhus is a human resources information system which brings together in one place a whole host of information relating to staff, such as roles, digital employee records, pay, employee benefits, trade union management, recruitment and staffing.

It is also an e-government system which allows public-sector workers to access their payslips, income tax certificates and information on training courses they have completed, using an electronic signature.

The system has been used in Andalusia since 1999 and the Canary Islands since 2002. Where it is used by other regional governments, a collaboration agreement is signed with the Regional Government of Andalusia, for which it was originally developed. As such, in 2004, the Regional Government of Andalusia signed a collaboration agreement with the Regional Government of Extremadura, which was looking to decentralise the way its public-sector workers were managed, and provide managers with a single, centralised and integrated tool, as well as create a direct channel of communication between employees and the regional government.

In Andalusia, the system now manages 65,000 public-sector workers. It is used to do payroll, for recruitment and staffing processes, to manage requests for employee benefits, and to manage teams. 

One of its most impressive features is the management of public-sector vacancies. As such, the system supports the entire process, from the online application phase right through to recruitment.


What is new

As part of the new contract in Extremadura, Ayesa will be responsible for developing the software and services for the systems. It will also carry out a number of projects, amongst which the following stand out: developing a new Digital Desktop for employees, creating a BI dashboard and reengineering the HR management processes Sirhus supports.