Ayesa steps up its game in the energy industry with 190 renewable energy and substation projects over 2020

Ayesa is continuing to consolidate its position as a leader in the field of renewable energy and electricity, two booming sectors. During a year in which clean energy hit a record high, representing 43.6% of all electricity generated in Spain, new projects just kept on coming for Ayesa. It was within this context that the firm managed to consolidate its status as a go-to partner for multinational energy giants and electric utilities.

Ayesa is now involved in the entire life-cycle of engineering projects involving renewable energy infrastructure, from their initial phases, including due diligence and preliminary engineering/planning, right through to owner engineering, design review and construction supervision.

Over 2020, Ayesa participated in 190 projects involving renewable energy infrastructure and high-voltage substations, which have a combined capacity of 11,000 megawatts (MW). Although the projects mainly involved solar power plants, some also saw Ayesa work on wind energy, solar thermal energy, hydropower and biomass energy infrastructure.

José Antonio García Bermudo, Head of Energy at Ayesa, notes how last year was extremely busy in terms of number of projects, not surprising considering the company’s success over recent years. As such, he explains how the company has ‘been awarded numerous major projects and framework contracts from industry leaders’, going on to highlight the fact that the firm’s ‘outstanding and comprehensive civil and industrial engineering services speak for themselves, and are the reason our clients place their trust in us, safe in the knowledge that their projects will be completed to the highest of standards, on time and as efficiently as possible. We offer proven expertise in generation, transmission, storage and consumption management all over the world, which few engineering companies can rival, and most importantly, we provide them in an integrated manner as a single company’.

Ayesa is currently involved in some of the country’s biggest projects being carried out by the sector’s leading companies. Of these, the following stand out: its contract with Repsol to provide owner engineering services for the group’s first solar power plant, which has a capacity of 126 megawatts (MW) and is located in Manzanares (Province of Ciudad Real); its contract with FRW to provide owner engineering services for the three San Serván solar power plants, which sum a capacity of 138 MW and is located in Badajoz.

Moreover, in terms of innovation and storage technology, Ayesa has provided detailed engineering and construction supervision services for a 12-MW electrolyser in Huelva. It has also taken part in numerous projects involving the control of grid-connected electric batteries at solar power plants abroad, as well as smart grids.

Outside of Spain, the company has been awarded contracts in countries such as the UK, Italy, Mexico, Brazil, Poland, South Africa, Australia, the Philippines and Vietnam, involving renewable energy generation, as well as electric power transmission and distribution.