Ayesa set to end the year of Covid with 4% organic growth in terms of its core business

Ayesa set to end the year of Covid with 4% organic growth in terms of its core business

The engineering and technology consulting firm Ayesa has pushed full steam ahead throughout 2020, a year which has been largely dominated by COVID-19, and is expected to end the year with 4% annual growth in terms of its core business.

Its main activity, which is centred around its Engineering and Technology areas, is set to hit a record high thanks to the firm’s effective management of the pandemic, which has seen it keep going throughout.

Overall turnover for the year is approximately 260 million euros, the result of disinvestment in power generation and other areas the group is involved in at an international level.

At the firm’s annual senior management meeting, José Luis Manzanares Abásolo, CEO of Ayesa, highlighted ‘the good results achieved over the year, despite the uncertainty caused by COVID-19, as well as the growth in sales and profits, and the increase in new contracts’. This means that 2021 looks set to be a good year, with the group expected to exceed 300 million euros in new contracts for the first time in its history.

José Luis also explained how in 2020 Ayesa ‘took the decision to pursue the most ambitious digital transformation process ever seen at the company’, going on to note how ‘healthcare management was our priority and we have managed to digitalise all internal processes. This has consolidated our position as a solid, competitive company’.

In terms of 2021, he noted that the main challenges for Ayesa will continue to be the expansion of its engineering area into new markets, securing new technology clients and offering innovative digital transformation services.

To finish, he said, ‘in 2021, we are going to make great leaps forward. We will be looking at different ways of growing and will continue to reinvent ourselves, as we have always have done’.



Ayesa is expected to end the year with a portfolio of projects worth 480 million euros, compared to 419 million euros at the end of last year.

Over the past twelve months, the company has been awarded a number of major contracts, such as supervision services for the first line of Bogotá’s metro system, worth 56 million euros; supervision services for water pipelines in Saudi Arabia, worth 20 million euros; the Tren Maya, worth 10.4 million euros; and numerous IT implementation and evolution projects for utilities and the public sector. One example of the latter is the renewal of the maintenance services contract for the Gerhonte platform, a HR solution designed by Ayesa for the Andalusian Health Service (SAS).