Ayesa launches a pilot test for an automatic temperature and face covering detection system at a school in Seville

Going back to school whilst navigating the new normal is certainly proving to be a learning curve, involving strict rules designed to keep schools COVID free. Two of the most widespread measures in place in Spain are taking the temperature of pupils and requiring them to wear a face covering.

Technology can be a great help in effectively implementing these measures, allowing the entire process to be automated, something which means more accurate temperature readings and therefore safer schools.

It is within this context that the international engineering and technology consulting firm Ayesa has decided to run a pilot test for Digital Site, its integral office and building management solution, at the Malala Yousafzai Infant and Junior School in Mairena del Aljarafe (Seville).

The aim of this initiative is to measure the effectiveness of the system at schools and identify other ways it can be used in such settings. During this initial phase, the readings will not be stored and specific software will not be used to process the data. However, specific pieces of information will be generated, such as the number of readings per minute.

This technology offers many different uses. For example, in addition to taking the temperature of pupils and detecting if they are wearing a face covering, it also has great potential for monitoring attendance at schools by way of a cloud-based application.

 For this pilot study, Ayesa has installed a facial recognition terminal with temperature measurement, which emits an audio warning if a pupil or teacher has a fever or is not wearing a face covering.

For decades, Ayesa has been leading the way in time and attendance systems with its solutions now being used by more than 20,000 people each day, as well as having extensive experience in the technology used by the Digital Site platform.