The management system implemented by Ayesa for the forestry group Arauco is awarded the Special Achievement in GIS (SAG) Award 2020 by ESRI

The platform Araucaria, implemented by Ayesa for the Chilean forestry group Arauco, has been recognised by ERSI at an international level as one of the best technology projects of the year. 72 projects in total were chosen by the manufacturer from countries around the world.

Ayesa is a Spanish consulting firm which specialises in engineering and technology, and is one of the world’s most experienced companies in GIS (geographic information systems) solutions. It was based on this expertise and its experience with other enterprise systems that Arauco decided to place its trust in the firm once again by choosing it as its technology partner.

As such, Ayesa has been responsible for designing and building the system Araucaria, developing the necessary apps and ensuring the successful migration from the previous database to SAP HANA. It has also helped Arauco manage the change in the three countries where it has forestry operations, namely Chile, Argentina and Brazil.

The project has consisted of creating a new information and enterprise asset management system, which involves a number of apps designed to streamline the group’s operations and make them more efficient. These cover the entire production cycle, including the planning and supervision of forestry operations.

Thanks to the implementation of the new version of ESRI’s GIS system, the group has been able to improve the quality of its data, remapping its forests and building a new inventory, as well as introduce a central platform as part of its process of digital transformation.

The project is currently in its final phase, with certain products already available and others ready to be rolled out soon.


The challenge and the solution

Arauco is one the world’s biggest forestry groups with 47 years of experience behind it. It owns 1.7 million hectares of land and is present in various Latin American countries. The processes used at its subsidiaries were in some cases disparate and based on completely different solutions, something which caused a number of difficulties in terms of running the group.

However, thanks to Araucaria, it has been able to standardise its processes in Brazil, Argentina and Chile through advanced GIS solutions. Moreover, for the first time the ESRI geodatabase has been integrated with SAP HANA as an enterprise database, something very few organisations in the world have done.