Ayesa participates in the creation of the Sirec system for Andalusia’s Regional Department of Finance

The Regional Government of Andalusia is pushing full steam ahead with its process of digital transformation, key to which is the new e-procurement system Sirec. Ayesa is one of technological consulting firms working on this portal.

As such, at the end of March, the new Centralised Procurement website and Catalogue of Approved Goods and Services went live, an example of how technology is being used to centralise and rationalise procurement by the Regional Government of Andalusia, as well as create new transactional and information analysis tools. In the future, users will be able to obtain real-time information on purchases of specific items, such as microcomputing equipment, vehicles and electricity, by the Regional Government in Andalusia’s eight provinces. A team from Ayesa has also integrated it with GIRO and tender documents, thereby allowing the Regional Government to monitor amounts of goods and services purchased and paid for.

Now, during the second phase, the e-Tender Portal has been launched, this having been brought forward due to COVID-19. To achieve this, we have been working against the clock for the past few weeks, as the Regional Government aims to start issuing invitations to tender again soon, and restart the economy following its shutdown during the state of emergency in Spain. This project is also helping the Regional Government achieve one of its main goals – speeding up administrative procedures and getting rid of red tape.

The next phases will focus on developing the new Procurement Platform (where invitations to tender and contract award notices will be published), as well as the Contract Registry, which will be the new official, centralised procurement information system for the Regional Government of Andalusia, in addition to its special purpose public and private entities.

José Ramón Cantero, head of the SiREC project at Ayesa, explains how ‘around eight members of staff from Ayesa have participated in this work, which has seen us develop systems, provide support services for the servers and oversee deployment. In terms of technology, the project is unusual in the sense that the web applications we have developed are highly integrated with the GIRO system (SAP), which is key to the management of the catalogues using SAP MM (Materials Management), in addition to the processing of public tender documents’.

Sirec aims to improve how the Regional Government of Andalusia handles procurement processes internally, as well as optimise the channels through which companies and the public interact with it. Its use will be compulsory for all contracting authorities of the Regional Government and the region’s public sector.