Ayesa to lead the sanitation project for Panamá Oeste, the fastest-growing province in Panama

Ayesa, the international engineering and technology consulting firm (ETC) will be responsible for heading the sanitation project for the districts of Arraiján and La Chorrera (Phase 1C). The Panamanian Ministry of the Presidency has recently awarded this contract to the firm, worth 26 million dollars (around 24 million euros at the current exchange rate).  

This project aims to improve the level of sanitation and reduce the pollution of the urban streams and rivers in the province of Panamá Oeste, the country’s fastest-growing area. Approximately 340,000 people currently live here and this is set to almost double by 2050. 

During the first phase of the project, 300 kilometres of sanitary sewer systems, 60 kilometres of sanitary drains, a six-kilometre interceptor tunnel, four pump stations and a wastewater treatment plant with a capacity of 1.35m3/s will be built.

This will be financed by the following multilateral organisations: the IADB, CAF, Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation, CABEI and EIB. Ayesa has extensive experience in leading contracts financed by these institutions, which support projects that promote the economic and social development of countries.

Ramon Borruel, project lead at Ayesa Panama, highlights that the company will participate in all the phases of the infrastructure, from reviewing the basic engineering and providing the public administration with support during the tender phase, through to supervising the design project and construction. It will also take part in the commissioning phase.

‘This is a complex project due to the size of the area it encompasses, as well as the range of work involved, which includes building a wastewater treatment plant (WWTP), an interceptor tunnel and more than 15,000 house-to-house connections.’


Ayesa has proven experience in water infrastructure and water management technology, both in Spain and Latin America.

This contract is yet another indication of its leading position in Panama’s water sector, and comes after the firm was selected to provide project management services for the extension of the water pipeline surrounding Panama City, one of the country’s most impressive infrastructures. Furthermore, it is currently supervising the construction of three water treatment plants, a project managed by the Institute of Aqueducts and Sewers (IDAAN), and has also recently undertaken the detailed engineering for the Juan Díaz wastewater treatment plant for Suez.

The country has outstanding water resources. In fact, water is of great strategic importance for Panama due to the major economic role the Panama Canal plays here. However, population growth, rapid economic development, urbanisation and the effects of climate change are seeing its resources come under increased pressure. As such, the country is making increasing its wastewater treatment capacity and the reach of its wastewater systems a priority, as well as ensuring its sewer system is able to cope with such changes.

Ayesa is also present in this Central American country through its IT division, as well as important projects which are currently under way, such as the implementation of an economic-financial system based on SAP technology for the Panamanian Government. Its previous projects here have included the management system for the Panama Metro, and other major contracts in the area of digital transformation.