Ayesa brought together leading companies from the field of technology and the andalusian Government

Ayesa brought together leading companies from the field of technology and representatives from the public sector in Andalusia at the conference ‘Technological Infrastructure: On Premise vs. Cloud’.

Arancha Manzanares, Vice President of Ayesa, opened the event by explaining how more and more organisations are opting for cloud infrastructure. She explained how ‘at the heart of modern society is a need for on-demand access to information and there is only way to make this possible – cloud technology. It is also a key part of the modern economy as entrepreneurs are placing more and more importance on going digital’.

She then went on to describe the challenges we are faced with in this area: ‘the first is providing online support services 24/7, the second is the pace of change and investment, and the third is the multicloud environment’. She also mentioned the appropriate use of resources and regulatory changes, finishing her presentation by explaining how ‘for the first time ever, we are seeing discussions taking place about public policy in the area of cloud technology, something which was unthinkable three years ago’.

María Pérez Naranjo, Director General for Digital Transformation of the Local Government of Andalusia, talked about how her government is placing particular importance on technology with the aim of digitalising services and processes (zero paper policy), as well as on creating a working culture based on innovation and fostering digital working practices.

She highlighted how, although public services can be accessed online in 99% of cases, once documents are received, 80% of the time they are printed out: ‘the bulk of our work consists of processing these documents internally. Unfortunately, our internal communications are not digital, something we feel is unacceptable.’

Furthermore, Pérez Naranjo announced the creation of a think tank designed to promote innovation through emerging technology: ‘we are identifying specific areas where it could be used and have thus far pinpointed three where RPA would be feasible. Next year, we will also focus on the use of AI for certain processes. Our aim is to put the Local Government of Andalusia at the forefront of digital transformation in Spain’.

She also explained how next year significant investment will be made as part of a change management initiative, involving purchasing 5000 Office 365 licences, followed by gradual, widespread implementation.

She ended by saying that ‘in terms of cloud computing, it is full steam ahead. We are past the stage of debating whether or not it should be implemented, and are now focused on implementing a hybrid system. Clearly, it is important to strike a balance in terms of technology’.

Success story

Juan Carlos Mollá, Head of Digital Applications for Spain and Portugal at Endesa, gave a presentation on the energy multinational’s implementation of cloud technology. He talked about how ‘in 2015, all our infrastructure was managed through outsourcing and when our contract with Enel ended in 2016, we decided to move everything to the cloud. In nine months, we moved everything to a hybrid cloud. Today, we rely 100% on the cloud, although the big change has been in terms of applications. Now, cost control is fundamental’.

The round table entitled ‘The Strategy of the Leading Cloud Computing Companies’ was made up of Enrique Martín, Technology Pre-sales Director at Orale; Jorge Pérez, Platform & Technology Director at SAP; Antonio Budía, Operations Director at Microsoft; Vanessa Peinó, Public Sector Director for Google Cloud; and Antonio Galán, Cloud Computing Director at Ayesa.

This was followed by presentations by Sandetel on their experience with SaaS (software as a service) and Alejo Riera, a consultant at PwC who specialises in cloud security, on regulatory and security-related issues in this area.

To end the event, Germán del Real, Managing Director for Knowledge Technology at Ayesa, emphasised the fact that ‘digital transformation is bringing about a paradigm shift. This disruptive, global phenomenon is rewriting the rulebook, transforming our social structures and generating new business models. Ayesa is here to make people aware of this’.