Ayesa comes top in the VII Awards for the Best Practices in Sustainable Mobility

Yesterday, the Industry, Trade and Tourism Minister, María Reyes Maroto Illera, presented the Awards for the Best Practices in Sustainable Mobility, which saw Ayesa come top in the Large Companies category for the carsharing platform it developed for Wishilife, the fifth biggest operator in its sector in Madrid.

Jose Luis Manzanares Abásolo, CEO of Ayesa, attended the ceremony at the Renault Foundation and the Club for Excellence in Sustainability, in Madrid. During his acceptance speech, he noted that the award is a sign that “we’re on the right track”, going on to highlight how “sustainable mobility is crucial in ensuring we progress as a society with technology companies like ours having a special duty to keep making advances and innovating in this area”.

He then went on to explain that “the revolution has already begun. We can now open a car from a mobile phone, book and pay for a shared car with little effort and charge an electric car in just a few minutes. Soon, self-driving cars and cars which can be turned into sources of energy for homes will be a common sight on our roads”, these being two things Ayesa is currently working on.

He also noted that initiatives such as the carsharing service offered by our client Wishilife are not only sustainable, “but are also fair in the sense that they allow users to have access to a car as and when they need one”, adding “in this regard, they meet the four essential aspects of sustainable mobility: fairness, efficiency, safety and respect for the environment”.