A job portal for a million people

Each Spanish autonomous community has its own platform to manage labour supply and demand, as well as other systems for managing training. Just like job websites belonging to companies from the private sector, these platforms match profiles with vacancies, thus helping to reduce unemployment. In Castile and León, this employment system is called Sicas and Ayesa is the company tasked with maintaining and improving it. The company is also responsible for Seguifor, Castile and León’s job training platform.

This autonomous community has 1.1 million individuals of working age, this being the segment of the population likely to use the platform. This means that powerful solutions which allow for a large amount of information and processes to be supported must be implemented.

José Luis Rodríguez Criado, Account Manager at Ayesa, underlines the capacity Ayesa, as a consulting firm, has to manage a contract of this type, due to the fact that it is already present in the region, with an office in Valladolid, and has extensive experience with these kinds of platforms. He also highlights that these are strategic platforms for Spain’s autonomous communities as they allow the training needs of the unemployed to be identified, the profiles of jobseekers to be analysed and relevant information for the economic development of the region to be obtained.

The scope of the two work packages includes the implementation, maintenance, design and building of the system. The Regional Department for Employment is set to invest around a million euros over 2019 and 2020 in these IT systems, which also ensure data is exchanged with employment services in other autonomous communities, as well as the state system.