Ayesa develops a system for the smart operation and maintenance of photovoltaic plants

The energy sector is undergoing a revolution boosted by the introduction of new technology which is altering the ways in which energy is generated and even consumed.

Within this context, the EU has approved a new project for the development of photovoltaic systems of the highest quality. Specifically, it seeks to improve the life-cycle of photovoltaics plants with a view to improving the competitiveness of European products. Named Super PV, it has been assigned a budget of 11.6 million euros.   

Ayesa forms part of the consortium alongside another 25 partners. The project  started in May with the allocation of the different working packages. One of these will focus on designing a specific BIM (Building Information Modelling) model for photovoltaics plants  (PIM). This tool will allow for the visualisation of the project in 3D leading to collaborative, multi-disciplinary tasks carried out in a more efficient manner.

Within this, Ayesa will devise a tool for smart operation and maintenance (O&M), that applies all the advantages of IoT and Data Mining for the benefit of photovoltaics plants. With this, the aim is to improve the profitability and efficiency of the installations.

Alongside this, Ayesa will implement a Digital Twin model that will allow us to envisage and prevent malfunctions and losses, thus permitting the carrying out of predictive maintenance in the plants.

In the second phase, Super PV foresees the unveiling of a demonstration of all developments in three different scenarios. Ayesa will be entrusted with the topical and damp climate. Proprotypes of the three different panel and inverter technologies will be installed so that their performance can be monitored, thereby correlating the results with measurements on temperature, humidity, solar irradiance… with the aim of assessing the effectiveness of each one of the prototypes under equal environmental conditions 

The innovation in smart O&M developed within the framework of this project will enhance the GridPilot functionality, the cloud-based VPP (Virtual Power Plant) handling the control, aggregation and optimisation of distributed energy resources, the result of the research work undertaken by Ayesa into clean energy and energy storage.

Super PV

The final aim of the project is the development of superior quality photovoltaic systems based on a hybrid combination of technological innovations and business operations solutions, with the aim of accelerating the deployment on a large scale in Europe and to help EU-based photovoltaic companies to recoup the leadership of the worldwide market.

The consortium is spearheaded by UAB SOLI TEK R&D in collaboration with the PROTECH research group belonging to the University of Lithuania and boasts agreements with partners from Germany, France, Switzerland, Morocco, the Netherlands, Norway, Slovenia, Belgium and Tunisia.