Technology for forest management

Arauco is one of the largest forestry companies in the world, with 47 years of history. Produces and manages renewable resources. Its assets reach approximately 1.7 million hectares and it has operations in several South American countries, mostly in Chile, where its business roots lie.

Throughout these years, Arauco has maximized the value of its plantations through of constant research, the application of the best global practices on sustainability, the protection of the native forest, soils and the existing biodiversity. In its desire for continuous improvement, Arauco has proposed to modernize its current system of forest information, for which it carried out an international tender process, to which it has convened various technology consultancies.

Ayesa was the winner of this contest thanks to its high level of knowledge of the sector and application of the latest business management technologies. The project consists of the development of a new information and management system corporate heritage, baptized as Araucaria, and comprises a diverse set of applications to facilitate and streamline its operations. These range from the planning of forestry operations, to the control of their execution, through the entire productive cycle. It also includes the design and construction of a corporate geodatabase and its Spatial Data Infrastructure (IDE) node.


All this implies the development of computer applications in client-server, web and mobile, data migration and change management in the three countries where it currently operates: Chile, Argentina and Brazil.

 According to the Ayesa Chilean office, “for the team it is a great challenge and a remarkable opportunity to grow in the region.” Previously, Ayesa has executed other important technological projects for Arauco, such as the climatic platform and the forestry record.

Ayesa came to the nation in 2012. It was the first foreign implementation with the opening of a subsidiary propi, of the Technology and Consulting business line. During this time, he has also developed important and innovative projects within the Chilean public sector. It covers forest planning and control, the production cycle and the design and construction of a geodatabase