Ayesa relaunches under the name of Smart Life its smart technologies area

Ayesa has relaunched its smart technologies division under the banner of Smart Life (formerly Smart Infrastructures), with a revamped image and bearing the motto of "intelligence applied to everyday life".

After four years of activity, the company has structured its offer into five divisions: energy, water, mobility, cloud & ITO and security.

With the integration of knowledge from this set of activities, the goal is to develop innovative solutions based on the latest technologies (IoT, big data or machine learning) to improve life in cities.

Currently, the division is composed of 140 employees, to which we must add the almost 260 employed in Actica, the Mexican subsidiary specializing in ITS (intelligent transport systems) and prison security (smart prisons).

During the presentation event, Juan de Dios Hermosín, Managing Director of Smart Life, highlighted the fact that despite being the most youthful division, formed just four years ago, it has become strategic for the group. Not only for the future of Smart technology, he explained, rather also because it provides an integrated vision of engineering and technology, meaning this is Ayesa's standout differential element.

Thus, he affirmed that the future will be marked by the stability within the team, value in the solutions offered and greater business volume. "We must learn to work in teams and multiply the offers. We have to grow with our traditional customers but must also diversify. And we are good at what we do, so if we apply a little statistical know-how, the results are guaranteed."

He also highlighted Ayesa's potential in big data projects, as "a lot of what we are able to sell today is due to our knowledge and experience in this technology. Knowledge that, by the way, is not readily available on the market."

Furthermore, he indicated that thanks to Smart Life, for the first time Ayesa boasts its own product range. "Before, we were a service and integration company. But we have had the ability to implement properly-packaged innovative solutions that are marketed worldwide."

In the Smart world, Hermosín added, "there is an enormous temptation to be abstract, but our differentiating advantage is precisely materialization".

If there is a lesson learned at Smart, he added, it is the value of innovation, given that the four culminating R&D projects, have all borne fruit in terms of delivering products. "And we are about to repeat this success with Netfficient. Good fortune, a job well done and a close-knit relationship with our main partner have been the key factors."


Regarding the contracts in the Division, he highlighted those carried out in the field of remote control and water telemetry, "whose sophistication continues to grow through the use of new technology; electric mobility with fleet management systems, electric car recharge and carsharing; energy efficiency; security systems for critical infrastructures and CPD; and cloud-based solutions.

For his part, the President of Ayesa, José Luis Manzanares Japan, recalled that from the outset Ayesa has always had a vocation for technology. And he pointed out that in a decade Ayesa will need to "be wholly Smart", meaning Smart Life must go from being the smallest division to becoming the driving force.

"For us to become that great company I have always dreamt of, we depend on you. You have to have imagination to create a future that the world has yet to ponder. You are here as the forbearers of change at Ayesa."

Finally, Germán del Real, corporate MD and Technology and Consulting, stressed that Smart Life is the "result of the strategic vision of the president to merge engineering and technology" and despite the fact that our competition outside of Spain is up to ten times bigger "we are able to talk to our customers about other issues thanks to Smart Life.


Hermosín incidió también que en el mundo Smart “hay una tentación enorme de ser abstractos y nuestra ventaja diferencial es justamente la concreción. Si hay una lección aprendida en Smart, es el valor de la innovación. De los cuatro proyectos llevamos a cabo, todos han generado un producto, lo cual se aleja de la media habitual, que no  supera el 10%”.

En cuanto a los proyectos, destacó los realizados en al ámbito del telecontrol y telemando de aguas y que ahora se continúan sofisticando con nuestras tecnologías; la movilidad eléctrica con sistemas de gestión de flotas, recarga de coche eléctrico y carsharing; la eficiencia energética; sistemas de seguridad para infraestructuras críticas y CPD; y cloud.

Por su lado, el presidente de Ayesa, José Luis Manzanares Japón, recordó que desde los inicios Ayesa siempre ha tenido una vocación por la tecnología. Asimismo, apuntó a que en una década Ayesa tiene que “ser absolutamente Smart”, por lo que Smart Life debe pasar de ser el área más pequeña a convertirse en la locomotora.

“Para que nosotros pasemos a ser esa gran compañía que yo sueño, dependemos de vosotros. Tenéis que tener imaginación para crear un futuro que el mundo aún no adivina. Los líderes del cambio de Ayesa estáis aquí”.

Por último, Germán del Real, director general corporativo y del ámbito de Tecnología y Consultoría, hizo hincapié en que Smart Life es el “resultado de la visión estratégica del presidente de fusionar la ingeniería y la tecnología” y a pesar de que nuestra competencia fuera de España es hasta diez veces más grande “nosotros somos capaces de hablar a nuestros clientes de cosas diferentes gracias a Smart Life. Suerte, trabajo bien hecho y mucha cercanía a nuestro principal partner han sido las claves. Ahora, estamos a punto de que Netfficient vuelva a cumplir la regla”.