Ayesa, recognised as the best Salesforce partner for key accounts in 2017

Ayesa, recognised as the best Salesforce partner for key accounts in 2017

Ayesa has been chosen by Salesforce, a provider of cloud management software, as one of the leading technological consultancy companies specialised in implementing client relationship management solutions (CRM) for key accounts.

The US group and leader in CRM platforms has chosen Ayesa as the best partner within the Enterprise Business Unit (EBU) category for a project carried out with Deloitte for Endesa.

 For Ayesa, this award is a direct result of its clear focus on leading technology companies, such as Salesforce, and for being at the very cutting edge in terms of complex and innovative solutions.

Eduardo Ramos, head of the Utilities Area, points out that ‘Ayesa is one of the best companies in terms of skill and knowledge to take on digital transformation projects in the field of utilities. This CRM is yet another step forward as part of this strategy, allowing infinite possibilities for managing information belonging to eleven million customers in one place.’

Para Ayesa este reconocimiento confirma la apuesta clara del grupo por tecnologías líderes en el mercado como Salesforce y por estar a la última en tendencias tecnológicas con implantaciones complejas e innovadoras.

Eduardo Ramos, director de negocio de Utilities, destaca que “Ayesa es una de las compañías con más capacidades y conocimiento para afrontar proyectos de transformación digital en utilities. Y este CRM es un paso más dentro de esta estrategia, que permite infinitas posibilidades para la gestión de la información de once millones de clientes en un único entorno”.