May 29, 2024

Ayesa features among Forbes 100 Best Employers in Spain

The company’s strategy of placing its staff at the heart of everything it does has seen it rank top on the prestigious list for the fifth consecutive year.

Ayesa, a global provider of technology and engineering services, has once again featured among the 100 Best Employers in Spain, a prestigious ranking published each year by Forbes in collaboration with Sigma Dos. The list is based on a survey completed by the employees of each company, which takes into account key aspects related to attracting and loyalty talent, work environment, remote working and corporate social responsibility, among others.

This is the fifth consecutive year the company has made it to the top of the ranking. Ayesa’s commitment to employing talented young professionals and providing them with opportunities to grow professionally, particularly internationally, as well as ensuring diversity and inclusion, fostering a collaborative and positive work environment, giving employees the recognition they deserve, and actively listening to its staff have all contributed to this achievement.

This latest edition, in which 2000 companies with more than 250 employees have taken part, has seen Forbes highlight Ayesa’s strategy of ‘creating differential value based on the individual talents of its people’, fostering work environments ‘centred around authenticity and respect for differences’ and ‘strengthening its commitment to its teams through collaboration and recognition’.

Javier Alfaro, Director of the People department, notes: ‘At Ayesa, we believe people are our most valuable asset, giving us an edge on our competitors. That is why we place our staff at the heart of everything we do and put particular emphasis on providing them with the training they need’.

A reflection of Ayesa’s commitment in this area are its various schemes for young people. The first is Junior University. This sees professionals receive training in important areas for the company, such as Java, Salesforce, cybersecurity, GenAI and quantum computing, and then join projects involving these. The second is the internship programme the company runs for students enrolled on university and vocational training courses. And the third is Graduate Worldwide, a scheme aimed at recent graduates looking to work abroad. This involves participants going through a pre-onboarding process in Spain, organised by the People department, and then receiving training and mentoring at their local office over a period of two years.

Last year, more than 75% of staff took part in training to expand their skill set, with more than 3000 courses being completed and around 213,000 of training being given.


Other initiatives

Ayesa also has a series of initiatives and commitments in place aimed at furthering its people-centric strategy.

The first sees it provide training and organise team-building and sports activities to foster physical and mental well-being amongst its more than 13,000 staff, who are based in 23 countries around the world and have 44 different nationalities.

The second is Female Talent, a programme that aims to foster a company culture underpinned by inclusion and diversity, core values at Ayesa. This involves raising awareness of best practices in HR.

The third is the company’s partnership with PWN Global (Professional Women’s Network), which it has recently renewed. The purpose of this global network is to accelerate gender balanced leadership in business and society.

The fourth is Ayesa’s partnership with the Bertelsmann Foundation, the aim of which is to ensure young people have access to the work and educational opportunities they need.

The fifth is Ayesa’s adherence to the Diversity Charter, which has seen it put into place policies to ensure it provides equal opportunities for those with functional disabilities as well as create a specially adapted office.

The sixth is the company’s hybrid work model, which gives staff the flexibility to work remotely, allowing them to optimise their work-life balance and save on commuting costs.

Forbes has also highlighted Ayesa’s commitment to sustainability, which ‘doesn’t just focus on the environment but also social and governance aspects’.

‘We are aware of the fact that the company is only as good as its people, which is why we place them at the heart of our strategy’, concludes the Director of the People department.


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