March 27, 2024

EDP Renewables commissions Ayesa to supervise the second largest photovoltaic plant in Poland

The Przykona facility, one of the largest in Europe, has an installed capacity of 200 MW.

As the Polish government commits to decarbonization, the renewable energy sector in Poland presents numerous opportunities.

Ayesa, a global provider of technology and engineering services, continues to expand its presence in the Polish renewable energy sector. Among its key clients is EDP Renewables, with which it collaborates on significant photovoltaic projects in Budzyn, Przykona, Chotków, and Konary.

Regarding this project, Ayesa, recognized as a global leader in engineering, is managing the Przykona photovoltaic plant, EDP Renewables’ largest facility in Europe, with an impressive installed capacity of 200 MW. Ranking as the second largest in Poland, this extensive facility is outfitted with approximately 308,000 bifacial panels designed to capture solar radiation from both sides, thereby optimizing the production of clean electricity.

Furthermore, the company has secured a contract for the Budzyn installation (45 MW), assuming responsibility for project technical assistance, general contractor supervision, financial oversight, and support in securing permits from the authorities. This role is expected to enhance quality control, documentation accuracy, technical management, design verification, and HSE control and supervision.



A notable aspect of this installation is the implementation of the cable pooling technique, which allows for the shared use of connection infrastructure among various renewable energy sources.

A significant challenge in the development of renewable energy in Poland is the difficulty in connecting renewable energy sources due to outdated and overloaded electrical infrastructure. Cable pooling, a practice common in the Netherlands and Denmark, presents an effective solution to optimize energy consumption costs.

Artur Majczak, Ayesa’s Country Manager for Poland, notes, “Electricity generation from renewable sources is integral to a transnational shift in energy production, aligned with the global decarbonization effort. Through its initiatives, Ayesa is playing a pivotal role in the green revolution within Poland’s energy sector.”

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