Ayesa Air Control has been awarded an R&D collaboration project to apply the technology of augmented reality in aeronautical manufacturing, in the last call of Minetur.

In this case, a demonstrator is being developed for the SPARTAN Project. This demonstrator consists of a portion of an aircraft fuselage fastened to a rig, where an operator will work wearing augmented reality smart glasses. The objective is to provide help to the operator for drilling activities and for the application of sealants or paint.

Thanks to several software tools, different types of information can be configured for the operator, who will see it through the glasses with an image superimposed over the piece of fuselage he is working on. In addition, the operator will have access to additional information, such as standards or the status of the task being carried out, as well as the possibility to make voice calls from the glasses to inquire about any potential incident. SPARTAN is oriented not only to the use case but also to its validation with the aim of supporting the decision making process through extrapolation -discovering its strengths and weaknesses, its opportunities and threats -, as well as to establlish the necessary resources to carry it out.


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