• The coronavirus crisis

    The coronavirus crisis

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Avatar de autor José Luis Manzanares Japón
Published 18 de March de 2020

When an entire country is faced by a crisis which threatens the lives of many of its people, the resulting panic can do far more harm than the threat itself, in this case a virus. If everyone were to go into hiding, society would disintegrate and cease to function, and when the epidemic is over, there wouldn’t be any public services, companies, jobs or resources left. We would have to rebuild everything from scratch. Would anyone know how to deal with such a disaster?

That is precisely why effective measures must be put into place which allow society to continue to function whilst we fight the spread of the virus. Everyone agrees that healthcare workers must continue on the front line, despite the risks and sacrifice involved. The same goes for those responsible for maintaining public order, supplying food and essential goods, and providing information to the public, as well as emergency service workers, such as firefighters. All these individuals are absolutely necessary and must continue working throughout the crisis, although obviously with the appropriate means to protect themselves from the virus.

However, society has many other needs. Water, energy, telephone networks and television services are all essential. Also, salaries need to be paid and someone has to do the payroll and bank transfers. Farms must supply supermarkets with fresh produce and lorry drivers must distribute it to each store. If they were all to give into panic and stop doing their jobs, it would result in many more victims than those caused by the virus.

When all this comes to an end, and it will, we need there to be sectors of the economy still functioning in order to minimise the disruption to society. The crisis will undoubtedly have weakened the economy as there will be sectors which will have suffered irreparable damage. However, if we keep on going, we will at least be able to keep the economy ticking over. If everyone shirks their responsibilities and is overcome by panic, when this is all over, there will be nothing left.

We must continue to work to contain and avoid the mass spread of the virus. This is absolutely essential.

Companies should not be telling all their staff to stay at home for a period which may well end up being months. If we all do this, there won’t be any companies or jobs left at the end of it all. The primary responsibility of companies is to protect jobs and implement measures which keep the risk of infection to a minimum.

Ayesa is fully aware of its role and moral obligation to continue working, whilst protecting its staff and the future of Spain. That is why we have decided to introduce all necessary logistical measures in order to allow staff to carry on working without becoming infected or infecting others. Our clients need us on top form in order to ensure electricity and water are supplied to homes, public services continue functioning and our healthcare workers are paid. We do not intend on letting them down.

Ayesa has lived through three big crises over its fifty-four years, which saw many other companies go out of business. We did not just survive each one, but came out stronger. I have absolutely no doubt that we will do just the same on this occasion. We will ensure as little damage as possible is inflicted on our society, and help it recover as quickly as possible from the inevitable hit to the economy.

Thank you all in advance for your understanding, responsible attitude and cooperation over the difficult days that lie ahead. At this time, we must also think of others. Our duty is to avoid the spread of the virus whilst continuing to work. Mark my words – this is something we are going to achieve.

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