• An expert in IT systems for utilities

    An expert in IT systems for utilities

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Published 21 de March de 2019

¿What are the generation systems used for?

The generation systems that we provide support and maintenance for are relevant so that all the energy that can be produced both in a thermal power, fuel, gas, combined cycle or even hydraulic plant enters the grid and can supply the service that consumers need, fulfilling all the technical regulatory standards that the grid demands. They work like a switch. What they do is regulate how much energy needs to be produced by these generation sources to transfer it to the grid.

Trading systems. How do the work?

With regard to trading and the handling of energy, the system that we develop and maintain contributes largely to optimisation the energy that is sold on the regulated wholesale market, with the greatest efficiency and thus minimising all costs. In Spain, a bonding mechanism was established, through which supply and demand come into play in a regulated market with a series of rules in place. The system that from Ayesa we develop and maintain oversee all the management, scheduling and supply of this energy that is delivered to the grid. And, alongside this, compliance with market operators is ensured as to verify that  information provided to this market is correct and meets the standards set forth in the legislation.

Success Story: corporate system E4E

The major developments or applications to highlight from 2018 were the implementation of E4E systems. This involved a project requiring 15 months’ work in a large consortium featuring Indra and was a success story due to its scale. It meant the transformation of the financial economic systems that the Endesa Group had in Iberia over the last 16 years for these to be transformed into a global environment under a new technological using SAP in what I consider to be a record time.

It can be said that this implementation in Spain was the most significant that has been carried out in the last three years beyond any doubt. And Ayesa was involved in certain areas of responsibility on the entire controlling sphere in which we played an important part. Of course, other business areas also had a bearing, such as fiscal, the debt element or even accountancy.

 What technology brings to a large utility?

Technology within an international conglomerate provides as a fundamental grounding the efficiency and smoothness of all its relevant processes. The key in this sense is the diverse mix of cultures, countries, regulations, and being able to join forces under the same corporative system certain shared processes.

Great strides are made in efficiency and this provides the working capacity that a company of this stature requires, whilst responding to the individual aspects demanded by the different markets, countries and legislations.

 What are the Ayesa’s growth opportunities?

If we look back a short while, three years ago, our scope was wholly national and we took a great stride forwards to align ourselves with Enel as a global supplier. Those three years ago now seem like the distant past it has been tough, but we have managed it. The possibilities are endless. We boast astounding growth capacity in certain areas. And above all when allowing innovation to take the lead. It is our strong point which must be ever-present in all our business lines. I believe that both due to size, as well flexibility, response capacity and, primarily, talent, we can remain at the cutting-edge and relevant for Enel also as a  benchmark supplier in all aspects.

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