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Partial and full load commissioning services are essential to ensure proper operation of the new Data Center. The information provided by these services makes it possible to detect and correct undesirable performance by certain equipment, as well as design weaknesses when we change from the rated load operation.
Operating Areas
Gijón [ES]
The Gijón Municipal Water Compnay has entrusted Ayesa to undertake the task of implementing a corporate Geographic Information System (GIS) with several purposes: to provide a flexible and reliable response to their current geographic information needs, give prominence to the system and make it a pillar of support for business processes, and give it full capabilities for future development.
Operating Areas
Andalucía [ES]
The integrated social services system was conceived in 2000 to carry out the complete management of areas which made up the former Regional Ministry for Social Affairs and the Andalusian Institute for Social Services and today has become the largest information system of the Regional Ministry for Equality, Health and Social Policy
Panama City [PAN]
The objective of the works is to extend and improve Panama City's drinking water supply network. For this purpose, the National Council for Sustainable Development (CONADES), a body attached to the Office of the President of the Republic, established a tender for the necessary work, which is divided into three clusters, the characteristics of which are detailed below
Operating Areas
Seville [ES]
The concept used in the design of Séneca and later Pasen, so that management of schools and school-family communication could coexist under one integrated model, was a key to the emergence of many current educational management systems that are widespread throughout the country. Indeed, as a result of the transfer of sources from both Andalusian systems, educational management systems were developed in other regions such as Extremadura, Asturias and Castilla La Mancha that underpin the Education of these regions.
Operating Areas
Merida [ES]
The start of the Rayuela educational platform in June 2007 marked a turning point in the way we conceive academic and administrative management of schools as it was designed according to a unifying concept so that the management of schools and school-family communication could coexist in the same system.
Operating Areas
Extremadura [ES]
AYESA has taken part in important projects for the Regional Ministry of Health and Social Policy, as well as for the Service of Promotion of Self Autonomy and Dependent Adult Care of Extremadura (SEPAD).
Seville [ES]
Aljarafesa offers complete hydraulic cycle services to 29 villages in the region of Aljarafe (Seville), and offers wastewater treatment services to another 31 villages. To do this, the company has various installations spread over a vast area, the majority of which are not permanent fixtures, which is why the problem of control and prevention of unauthorized access has taken on such great importance.
Operating Areas