Utilities and energy

We cast our vision toward to a more sustainable future and use technology as a lever of change to make human activity respectful towards the planet.

To come to the fore in a new era, utilities and energy service providers are undergoing swift evolution. This involves integrating the new digital fabric and sustainability into the organisation’s DNA, with the aim of reinventing the business. 

At the same time, and to meet the demands of citizens, employees, investors and legislators, new alliances are forged between industries. As leaders in the areas of consulting, digital transformation and managed services, we empower our customers to create sustainable businesses capable of fulfilling those expectations. 

Our specialists help our clients identify opportunities to reduce costs and render operations more efficient. We always seek to make the results feasible, safe and sustainable over time. Through the value chain we help companies take charge of the energy transition and drive positive change for their business, society and planet.

Our approach


Positioning of our partners as market leaders. Traditional processes reinvented through new digital experiences with a 360 ° overview of the end customer. Trading systems support the processes most relevant to the success of any company: sales and customer service and revenue cycle management.

Corporate Services

Consulting, development, implementation and maintenance of corporate systems. Support to utilities firms in the financial, HR, logistics and general services areas.

Transport and Distribution

The pathway towards a better future with increasingly participatory and sustainable electricity transmission and distribution networks, while becoming safer and more efficient.

Energy Generation and Management

New energy production and management systems aimed at a more sustainable and greener framework. We are primed to overcome the new challenges that exist, taking into account the standards set by the regulatory bodies.

Water Collection and Purification

Water is a limited resource and companies working in water harvesting and purification face several hindrances, such as climate change or population density and seasonality.

Water Supplies and Distribution

Water companies face a major challenge in supply and distribution: improving service delivery to their customers through greater efficiency and profitability.

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