Digital transformation

Implementation of SAP in Aguas de Quito

The project is located within the modernisation plan of the Municipal Water Company of Quito (Epmaps), which aims to improve the best service to the citizens of Quito through more modern, efficient and secure computer management systems.

The solution chosen by the company has been SAP, the world leader in management software, and in particular SAP CRM solutions (customer relationship manager) to manage the relationship with the customer; SAP ISU (industry solution for utility) for the management of commercial master data and billing, collection and collection processes; and also, SAP Multichannel to facilitate the interaction of the client with the company through the web.

In this project, which Ayesa executed in consortium with MQA (VAR of SAP), the firm has been responsible for the design, implementation, development, improvement and commissioning of all products subject to the contract.

Operationally, Ayesa used the implementation methodology suggested by SAP (ASAP): first, designing and sizing the technical and functional solution to cover the needs of the company, and then creating the parameters for the solution and developing the programs to suit the customer's needs. 

The solution was validated with an extensive battery of functional and technical tests, ensuring that the client's professionals were prepared through detailed user manuals and training sessions on the system over 400 global hours in duration. 

Finally, the migration of data was performed, in all stages of ETL (extraction, transformation and loading), and the commissioning of the system with the necessary support to ensure the success of the project.