• Utilities. Electricity and gas

    Utilities. Electricity and gas

    The future is digital. Find out how we support electricity and gas companies by helping them grow and bringing value to their process of transformation.


Let us help you secure the future of your business 

In order to remain relevant in today’s world, utilities and energy suppliers are having to quickly adapt. This involves reinventing themselves by going digital and placing sustainability at the heart of everything they do.

What’s more, in order to meet the needs of the public, as well as employees, investors and legislators, we are seeing new partnerships being forged between industries. As leaders in consultancy, digital transformation and managed services, we help our clients create sustainable businesses that meet the expectations of everyone involved.

Our team of experts help our clients identify opportunities to reduce costs and make their operations more efficient, the aim being to achieve results that are viable, safe and sustainable over time. Through the value chain, we help companies get on board with the energy transition and drive positive change for their business, as well as society and the planet.

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Reinventing digital and traditional processes Over the...

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Corporate systems for utilities The utilities sector en...

   Transmission and distribution

An electric future At Ayesa, we know a new era is on th...

   Power generation and management

New challenges Today, fossil fuels are giving way to mo...


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