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    At Ayesa, we provide the education system with everything it needs to keep up with the digital revolution. From educational management solutions to modern artificial intelligence systems, we assist regional and central governments, as well as universities, in Spain and Latin America.


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Education is a key part of all our lives. Not only does it help us grow as people, it also prepares us for the world of work and teaches us how to be good citizens, something which is fundamental for any successful economy. At Ayesa, we have helped education systems successfully navigate the various digital revolutions seen in Spain and around the world. The first was in the 80s, when governments had to install computers at schools, and the second came at the end of the 90s and was driven by a transformation in the world of technology and the arrival of the internet. Since then, education authorities have focused on connecting educational institutions with one other, developing the necessary infrastructure and systems for managing education and communicating with families. These have served to bring everyone involved closer together. Solutions such as Séneca, which was developed by Ayesa for the Regional Government of Andalusia, have meant, for the first time ever, the centralisation of student records, which can now be easily accessed by all the relevant individuals. This solution has since set the benchmark for digital records, both at a national and regional level.

We are currently seeing a third revolution in education. This time, it is not about installing new technology on a mass scale or transforming processes. Instead, the current educational revolution is all about strengthening the foundations on which the education system is built. At Ayesa, we offer solutions based on models that make this possible. The most popular of these are collaborative learning, project-based learning and competency-based learning, enhanced by strategies such as gamification, flipped classrooms and design thinking. These tools help spark interest and creativity, encourage critical thinking and, above all, allow for personalised learning, as opposed to the ‘one size fits all’ approach used up until now.

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