Centralised Control of the Taibilla Canals

The Taibilla Canals Association (hereinafter referred to as MCT) is a public body attached to the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Environment, whose purpose is the supply of drinking water in primary network (collection, treatment, conduction and storage in tanks of reserve) to companies and 137 municipalities of the provinces of Murcia, Alicante and Albacete. In total, up to three million inhabitants benefit from the services of this organisation. The infrastructure of MCT consists of more than 300 facilities such as pumping stations, reservoirs, canals and DWTPs, amongst others, distributed over 11,000 km2. Given the decentralisation of this infrastructure and its degree of complexity, it was necessary to carry out an ambitious project that will provide this agency with a centralised and automatic control system that would allow for a more efficient and effective undertaking of most of these facilities.

The project's main aim has been to ensure that hydraulic and energy resources as well as MCT hydraulic infrastructures are monitored, controlled and managed in a centralised manner. For this reason, we have managed to display information in real time and unify of all the hydraulic and energy parameters, as well as all its changes of status and alarms at any level. This information in real time also provides historical information that allows for the study into the functioning of the management and operational system, thus permitting short, medium and long-term strategy scheduling and future actions aimed at a continuous improvement of the MCT on all levels.


The project consisted, among other works, in the carrying out of engineering and design, supply, construction or manufacturing, implementation, testing and service start-up of:

  • A data centre (DC) and the installation and settings of all servers and equipment that supports the architecture of centralised control systems, as well as a backup DC.
  • A control room with space for six operators in which all operations and maintenance tasks for the systems are centralised.
  • A communications infrastructure of more than 200 nodes, distributed over two levels (trunk network with meshed ring topology of 200 Mbps capacity and access network between 10 and 80 Mbps capacity), formed by private broadband radio links and the integration of sections of fibre optic mesh, as well as its traffic engineering and network electronics to achieve a high availability MPLS communications network.
  • An advanced computerised maintenance management system (CMMS) to automate and assist the effective and efficient maintenance of electronic and electromechanical assets, including the standardisation and coding of the same.
  • A centralised video surveillance system supported by more than two hundred high resolution cameras.
  • A centralised control system supported by all the previous elements, including all the hierarchical levels (field level, control, supervision, information and corporate) in the more than 250 installations that are integrated into the same:
    • Electromechanical equipment, motorisation of manoeuvres, electrical installation, field instrumentation, communications systems
    • Electric, control and control dashboards for new engines and power, as well as the refurbishment and improvement of some of the existing ones
    • Programmable, remote automata and man machine interfaces and programming in them of all the automatic operating modes of the different hydraulic processes and subsystems
    • Supervision and data acquisition system (SCADA)
    • Decision-Making Support System by automatically generating demand forecasts and weekly and daily operation plans
    • Professional training and assistance in the running of the new system


Current challenges and Ayesa's solutions

Major infrastructures must respond to new demands relating to connectivity, brought about by new technology and digitalisation, as this is the only way to increase the number of people living in sustainable cities. Since market globalisation and instant communication have completely changed consumer requirements, companies must now rise to the challenge of adapting their production processes to their demands, ranging from transport and supply improvements to more efficient homes and workplaces. That’s where smart factories come in, offering optimisation, production flexibility, increasingly smaller batches and product customisation. And this is only possible with interconnectivity and digitalisation.

Nowadays, we suffer from information overload. That is why applying intelligence to data is crucial to drive companies forward. Combining big data with the flexible, scalable and agile cloud results in a powerful tool that gives companies a competitive edge. Both information storage and cloud services help companies focus on what really matters—their core business—with reduced costs. However, interconnecting multiple decentralised information points poses new risks and threats. Ayesa’s focus on engineering, technology and consulting (ETC) puts us in the best position to bring intelligence to infrastructures, as well as optimise their operation and maintenance. We can offer a wide range of responses to the challenges of creating a smarter city (transport solutions, sustainable buildings, smart leisure, etc.). We have an overall vision of Industry 4.0 requirements: engineers specialised in processes; process automation, robotisation and optimisation; and expertise in business interconnection and applying intelligence. We have a team of multidisciplinary experts to guarantee the success of artificial intelligence deployments. At Ayesa, we accompany organisations as they introduce cloud solutions, helping them decide which steps to take and offering superscalar solutions. We have over 10 years’ experience working on the design and implementation of hybrid cloud solutions. We also perform jobs that fall under ethical hacking and we conduct cybersecurity audits in both IT and OT. What's more, as specialists in industrial cybersecurity, we perform diagnostics and forensic analyses.

Our expertise and technology

We can optimise your skills, tools and technology with our ETC approach. Our aim is to bring about the full digital transformation of services, entities and companies.
As specialists in the digitalisation of transport infrastructure, we use the latest technology (AR, BIM, AI, IoT, blockchain, BI, etc.) to develop technological platforms for management and maintenance. This includes everything from diagnostics systems to mobile apps for users.
Urban intelligence
We offer a wide range of smart solutions for towns and cities. As such, we provide transport solutions, such as fleet tracking, electric vehicle (EV) charging, smart building management, and digitalisation of water and power supplies.
Ayesa Pilot
This is an IoT industrial solution developed by Ayesa. It allows multiple facilities as well as external information sources to be integrated into a single information platform, thereby giving companies a tool to manage their facilities safely, securely and efficiently..
Artificial Intelligence
We have extensive experience in developing and integrating artificial intelligence to optimise service and infrastructure processes in key industries. What sets us apart is our development of algorithms, combined with in-depth knowledge of technologies, systems, service operations and engineering.
Cloud computing
We specialise in deploying solutions in the main public cloud providers (IaaS, PaaS and SaaS). We implement hyper-converged architecture based on hybrid cloud and multicloud environments, combining data storage, IT resources and networking to become a data centre as a service (DCaaS). As such, we are experts in deploying advanced architectures in the cloud.
As specialists in cybersecurity services in IT and OT environments, we adapt to our clients’ requirements. We design, define and implement secure infrastructure, perform diagnostics and forensic analysis in IT/OT environments, provide technical and regulatory consulting and advice, conduct static (SAST) and dynamic testing (DAST), and assess the status of infrastructure.

Our approach

Areas our work covers.

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Ayesa is set to expand its backlog in urban transport thanks to a new project involving the Santiago Metro in Chile

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Ayesa takes part in a project based on 5G and BIM technology at Málaga’s main train station

Ayesa and Entelgy Innotec Security sign an agreement to lead the industrial cybersecurity sector

Ayesa and Entelgy Innotec Security sign an agreement to lead the industrial cybersecurity sector

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