• Smart cities

    Smart cities

    We develop technological solutions for the cities of today and tomorrow. Working to European and UNE (CTN 178) standards, we help build safer, more sustainable, more efficient and more connected environments. That’s how we contribute to the development of the cities where we all live.


We create the cities of the future

A smart city improves services for its residents and creates a more sustainable, more transparent and more efficient environment, supported by cutting-edge technology and infrastructure.

At Ayesa, we provide comprehensive services designed to shape smart cities. To do this, we have a unified management tool based on standard UNE 178, which allows us to optimise services and digitalise infrastructure for residents.

Ayesa’s areas of expertise include developing vertical components, open data portals and content managers. In terms of urban electric transport, we offer EV charging and carsharing management platforms, vehicle-to-grid (V2G) and vehicle-to-building (V2B) integration, smart parking solutions and access control systems.

As for smart tourism, we offer mobility and transport flow analysis. What's more, we are experienced in smart buildings, with our energy efficiency and renewable energy integration projects in this area particularly standing out. We also have extensive expertise in water digitalisation, implementing smart garden solutions, remote control and automation facilities, automatic water information systems, automatic water quality information systems, and solutions to aid decision-making.


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   Smart buildings

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   Digital transformation of water

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   Smart tourism

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