Buildings and Urban Planning

Cities are shifting toward a more digital and sustainable model. It is time to rethink the present to build a better future.

Modern cities are the flagship standard for society’s progress towards an increasingly connected and sustainable world. From the actual architecture, the buildings take advantage of sunlight and air currents and are built with materials that are increasingly respectful of the environment. 

In our roadways, it is already common to share a car, motorcycle or bicycle, supply shops and homes using electric vehicles while knowing exactly when public transport will arrive and how long it will take to take us to our destination. 

There is still a long way to go before most cities on the planet will be like this. Yet what undoubtedly makes it possible is the ability to combine urban planning, architectural design and technology meaning that the colossal operational complexity of a large city is synchronised to benefit citizens. 

At Ayesa, we have contributed our knowledge in many cities of the world with urban and building designs at the forefront of sustainability with LEED or BREEAM recognitions, smart management platforms for public transport or car-pooling, coordination of fleets of electric vehicles or interconnected systems to offer cultural experiences or relevant information to tourists.

Our approach

Mobility and Logistics

We are at the forefront in electric and shared mobility. We design, develop, install and operate mobility and logistics solutions in the urban and interurban environment.

Smart Buildings

Efficient and streamlined management of buildings, applying integrated engineering and technology solutions in their design, construction and operation.

Digital Water Transformation

Technology and intelligence in water-related processes. More than 50 years applying our knowledge and experience in the sector.

Smart Tourism

Technological platforms to build tourist destinations that offer a better experience, while providing more sustainable and quality services.

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