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    Our complete solutions, which include automated processes, artificial intelligence and highly qualified professionals, enable us to devise the most efficient strategies to achieve results.


Outsourcing sales operations

We know how important it is to grow your brand. That’s why we use innovative sales strategies rather than conventional methods. At Ayesa, we pay attention to every detail to ensure all the processes we create, analyse and improve are simple yet effective.

By capitalising on our extensive experience in the sector, we help you acquire new clients for your products and services. We’re by your side throughout the entire process from attracting potential customers through to closing sales.

To do this, we use the latest generation technology, either our own or that of our partners. This management software with integrated scripting enables smart call routing (ACD), self-service with speech recognition, predictive dialling, CTI, flow design and omnichannel communication management.

Our technology

Using cutting-edge technology, our expert teams will bring your clients and brand closer together. How do we achieve this?
Sentiment Analysis & WordCloud
Using speech analytics, we predict customer behaviour to turn more leads into successful sales. In real time, we identify the possibility of leads becoming end customers, redirecting situations that could result in the loss of a sale. This allows us to stay on top of all the details and be fully aware of client preferences whilst maintaining a high level of satisfaction.
We ensure compliance with the GDPR, making sure that every sale is made within the applicable legal framework. We analyse the outcome of all transactions, assess whether they meet the established target or not, and look at how we can improve using cutting-edge software. We optimise sales processes and ensure transactions comply with the law by using AI voice recognition to check sales automatically.
IA & pattern detection
By combining artificial intelligence with data, analytics and the automation of quality audits, we are able to obtain enough information in record time to help us identify patterns and behaviour. Immediately after statistical patterns are identified and the data grouped, we study them to arrive at solutions to problems involving more than one variable. Our impressive technology allows us to audit 100% of interactions, detecting and correcting any risks detected in the sales process.
Language User Interface (LUI)
An LUI allows us to determine which language is the most appropriate for a customer, so we can adapt our service to their profile. This enables us to establish long-term relationships with customers and provide after-sales support, thus increasing the brand’s NPS. We work with dynamic bookmarks, which ensure we contact the best potential customers. Together with the AI’s recommendations during conversations, it ensures more effective sales processes by allowing us to focus on the customer’s interests.


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Ayesa’s BPO Division is certified as family-friendly

Ayesa’s BPO Division is certified as family-friendly

Ayesa, recognised as the best Salesforce partner for key accounts in 2017

Ayesa, recognised as the best Salesforce partner for key accounts in 2017

Ayesa includes the Jidoka platform to robotize BPO processes

Ayesa includes the Jidoka platform to robotize BPO processes

  • Services we offer

    How we apply our expertise in different industries.

    We study
    We undertake multidisciplinary studies of all kinds so that our clients are able to make informed decisions and choose the very best solutions throughout the course of their projects.
    We design
    When it comes to designing infrastructure, no matter what the challenge, we have the solution.
    We advise
    We have the expertise necessary to guide you on your journey of transformation and growth.
    We supervise
    Our broad portfolio of experience in this area has seen us supervise the construction and operations of large civil infrastructure, buildings and industrial facilities around the globe.
    We manage
    We combine technology and engineering to deliver comprehensive management services able to meet all the needs of our clients.
    We implement IT solutions
    We implement, maintain and tailor technology solutions designed to make public- and private-sector companies more competitive.
    We install intelligence
    We turn data into useful information in order to make the way systems are managed more efficient and optimise decision-making.