Canoas Wastewater Lift Station


The Canoas Wastewater Lift Station - a key part in the effort to clean the Bogotá River. This solution will raise residential wastewater to ground level, allowing it to be conveyed by means of gravity.

This project will bring major environmental benefits for more than seven million people, due to the fact that the station will mean less wastewater running into the Tunjuelo, Fucha and Soacha rivers, thus improving the quality of water and air, as well as the conditions for fauna, in the entire area surrounding the Bogotá River. It will also ensure the necessary flow rate is achieved to generate energy. 

Specifically, once the extension to the Salitre WWTP in the north is completed and the Canoas WWTP in the south is built, 800 tonnes of pollutant waste will cease to run into the river each day.

Once in operation (in 2022), the lift station will receive 70% of the city’s wastewater. The new structure will pump water from the 70-metre-deep well to the WWTP (39 litres per second), where it will be treated before running into the Muña reservoir and Bogotá River.

Last year, Empresa de Acueducto y Alcantarillado de Bogotá awarded Ayesa a contract to carry out the technical, administrative, legal, accounting, financial, environmental and social supervision work for the construction of the station, including all equipment needed for it to function and be operated until commissioning.

The contract involves supervising, monitoring, reviewing, validating, verifying and approving the execution of the studies and designs, the construction of the Canoas Wastewater Lift Station and additional construction work, including commissioning and assisting with operations.

The contract term is forty-six months with the project expected to be completed by January 2023.

Scope of work 

Design supervision.

  • Phase 1. Reviewing, comparing, adding to and taking on board studies and designs.
  • Phase 2. CFD modelling, physical model and detailed designs.
  • Phase 3. Environmental and social management plans.

 Construction and commissioning supervision (including equipment and material supply supervision).

 Supervision for operating assistance.

 Supervision during settlement phase.