Sedapal Hydraulic Infrastructure Inventory

Sedapal (Servicio de Agua Potable y Alcantarillado de Lima) is a Peruvian state-owned company created in 1981, which supplies drinking water and sewage to the metropolitan area of Lima and Callao, with a reach of more than 9 million inhabitants.

Ayesa's service includes the inventory of the drinking water and sewerage networks managed by the company and their subsequent implementation in the SAP-PM module (Plant Maintenance).

Thus, Ayesa has validated the initial information provided by Sedapal and has updated the existing inventory of each one of the components and equipment of the water pumping systems; such as inventory code, physical location, flow, pressure, power, voltage, amperage, etc.

Intense field work has been carried out in the metropolitan area of Lima and Callao, which has subsequently been dealt with in the technical office in order to update the inventory (nomenclature of codes and physical location for machinery, equipment and components).

This nomenclature has been defined according to the standards defined in SAP and the best international practices in the management of equipment maintenance. Finally, the equipment code and its location have been associated with the Sedapal Accounting and Financial Coding System (SIGA-SAP) and the Equipment and Location Coding Manual has been prepared for proper recording in the maintenance management software.

During the described work, the inventory was analyzed in detail, consisting of 441 pumping stations, 394 wells, 1548 motors, 1537 pumps, 1243 starting boards and 1031 raised condenser boards.