Ayesa achieves the best results in its history after experiencing 4.3% growth during a year defined by COVID-19

Ayesa achieves the best results in its history after experiencing 4.3% growth during a year defined by COVID-19

Ayesa, the international engineering and technology consulting firm, ended 2020 with the best results in its history, having experienced a 4.3% growth in its consolidated turnover over the year, taking it to 256 million euros.

Moreover, its EBITDA exceeded 22 million euros, 2.2% more than in 2019. The company also ended the year with net cash of 25 million euros, something which puts it in a solid financial position to be able to take on the projects and challenges it has planned for 2021.

This 4.3% growth is due to the strong performance of the company’s three business areas over the year.

As such, the Engineering Area, which works on projects in transport, water and environment, construction and industry, experienced a 2.5% growth (104 million euros in turnover), a particularly impressive figure considering the challenges caused by lockdowns, which were particularly strict in Latin America. It should also be noted that over 2020, the area achieved a record in terms of contracts, with particularly impressive achievements such as the supervision contract for the first line of the Bogotá Metro, various design and supervision contracts for the Tren Maya, and contracts for major desalination and water pipeline projects in Saudi Arabia.

The 7.3% growth experienced by the Knowledge Technology Area, which provides IT consulting and software factory services, over 2020 was particularly noteworthy, taking the area to 131 million euros in turnover. This was due to an increase in demand for digital services by Ayesa’s large clients, particularly those in the utilities and public sectors.

Lastly, the Digital Transformation Area, the work of which focuses on bringing innovative technology to infrastructure, grew by 0.7%, taking it to 21 million euros in turnover, despite being involved in the aerospace industry, which has been particularly hard hit by the pandemic. Especially noteworthy achievements of the area over 2020 were the consolidation of strategic clients such as Enel X, and the launch of AI platforms such as Ayesa Pilot and Digital Site, solutions for making the workplace digital.

José Luis Manzanares Abásolo, CEO of Ayesa, explains how the ‘excellent results achieved by the firm in terms of sales, profitability and contracts over 2020 mean our financial forecast for 2021 is particularly ambitious, and show just how well we have merged the worlds of engineering and technology’.

He adds, ‘going forward, the main challenges facing Ayesa are the expansion of its Engineering Area into new markets, securing new technology clients and creating innovative digital transformation services’.

Lastly, in relation to 2020, he highlights ‘the extensive internal process of digital transformation undertaken by the company over the past twelve months, something which has seen Ayesa introduce the very best technology for its operations and management’.


Currently, 53% of Ayesa’s revenue comes from its work in Spain, mainly the result of large technology projects for the public sector, although the Engineering Area continues to carry out more than 80% of its work abroad. The remainder of the firm’s work comes from Latin America (31%), the Middle East (6.1%), Asia (6%), Europe (3%) and Africa (0.8%).

‘Now that we have consolidated our position in Latin America, and are well established in various countries in Asia and the Middle East, the next step is to expand into English-speaking countries. As such, this year we will open a number of new subsidiaries’, concludes José Luis.



Ayesa ended 2020 with a business portfolio worth 513 million euros. Over the year, the company was awarded a number of major contracts, such as the supervision services for the first line of the Bogotá Metro, supervision services for water pipeline projects in Saudi Arabia, the Tren Maya, and numerous IT system implementation and evolution projects for the utilities and public sectors. In terms of IT projects, two achievements worth noting are the renewal of the maintenance contract for the Gerhonte platform, a HR solution designed for the Andalusian Health Service (SAS), and the management of electricity meter readings using big data technology for Endesa.

Una vez consolidado el mercado latinoamericano y asentado el negocio en varios países de Asia y de Oriente Medio, el siguiente paso es crecer en el mundo anglosajón.