Ayesa participates in NextGenerationEU proposals seeking more than 300 million euros in funding

Ayesa participates in NextGenerationEU proposals seeking more than 300 million euros in funding

Ayesa, the international engineering and technology consulting firm, has offered its expertise in the field of the digital and green transitions to other private companies and public administrations in order to submit expressions of interest (EOI) prior to the arrival of the Next Generation funds.

As such, it has formed various groups which have submitted initiatives seeking 300 million euros in investment relating to these strategic areas, which projects funded by NextGenerationEU must fall into.

These proposals, which involve major companies, SMEs, universities, research centres and public administrations, cover the modernisation of public administration, sustainable transport such as carsharing and autonomous vehicles, smart energy management, energy efficiency and the circular economy.

What Ayesa has brought to these proposals, amongst other things, is its know-how in the development of technology platforms, and virtual and augmented reality solutions, as well as expertise in systems integration, the design of control algorithms, intelligent process automation, and the transparent management and exchange of information. An area where Ayesa also excels is in improving the experience of the public when accessing public services.

Ayesa also has extensive experience in the digitalisation of the public sector, the development of innovative platforms based on artificial intelligence and smart grids, and complete electric transport solutions for float management, carsharing and smart vehicle charging.

The aim of the NextGenerationEU programme is to respond in a joint and coordinated manner to the current social and economic crisis as well as help repair the damage brought about by the pandemic. Thanks to this recovery plan, post-COVID-19 Europe will be greener, more digital and more resilient to future changes and challenges.