Ayesa creates an innovation lab for SAP-based IT solutions

Ayesa creates an innovation lab for SAP-based IT solutions

Ayesa, the international engineering and technology consulting firm, has taken yet another step forward in its mission to anticipate the needs of clients and offer them the very best advanced IT solutions. As such, it has created an innovation lab, through which it also aims to gain experience and further its expertise in SAP technology.

At the heart of the initiative is a technology platform which consultants can use to simulate an integration with other technology as well as develop use cases.

The company is currently involved in three areas where it aims to seek out new functionalities: ERP systems, commercial systems, and maintenance and operational reliability management systems for all industries.

What’s more, the tool allows solutions to be presented to clients in the form of demos, thus creating situations in real environments. To do this, the platform has licences for the latest versions of SAP products, such as SAP S/4HANA, and features a hybrid cloud concept.

‘We’re working on areas such as blockchain, predictive analytics, business intelligence and mobility solutions. The aim is to implement it, and develop products and services’, explains Edward Camacho, project lead.

We have already presented solutions to gas, water and solar energy companies, as well as thermal power stations. ‘The platform brings together all of Ayesa’s expertise in a tangible and practical way, and allows us to really show what we have to offer.’

Ayesa has been a SAP partner since 2003 and has since undertaken more than 200 implementations around the world. The solutions it has provided for the energy sector, where it also holds SAP’s Recognized Expertise accreditation in Spain and Latin America, are particularly noteworthy.