Dirección de obra de la nueva estación de Atotxa en San Sebastián

The company has been awarded this 2.5-million-euro contract in a joint venture with Eptisa as part of the Basque Y, the high-speed rail network set to connect Vitoria, Bilbao and San Sebastián, and currently one of Spain’s most emblematic projects.

The construction of the new Atotxa Station in San Sebastián will cost 80 million euros and see it become the first provincial capital city in the Basque Country to have a high-speed railway station.

The project involves remodelling the track layout at San Sebastián Station (Estación del Norte), with the new station having two platforms for commuter trains and three for long-distance and high-speed trains. What’s more, the station building will be rebuilt to meet the new needs, whilst maintaining the current façade, but rebuilding its inner side and adding two new floors. The station will also have an area with shops and office space for rail operators.

Ayesa is also working on other actions within the Basque AVE, known as the Bergara node. It is only 15 kilometres long, but it is a strategic point in this mega railway project of 4,800 million Euros, as it is here where the connection between the three branches takes place. Ayesa is supervising the construction of sector 1.