Ayesa is awarded a 65-million-dollar supervision services contract for Bogotá’s first metro system

Empresa Metro de Bogotá has awarded the consortium PLMB, led by Ayesa, the supervision services contract for Bogotá’s first metro system, the construction and operation of which will require a 3,500-million-dollar budget.

This is one of Latin America’s most eagerly-awaited projects, given that Bogotá is the only major city in the region without a metro system, and also due to the fact that it will be one of the continent’s longest metro lines.

The Spanish multinational, in a consortium with the Italian companies Italferr and Metropolitana Milanese, and the Colombian firm MAB, have secured this 65-million-dollar (56-million-euro) contract after being awarded the most points for their technical and financial proposals in a tender carried out in accordance with the Policies for the Selection and Contracting of Consultants financed by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

Ayesa and the other members of the consortium will carry out the project over the next eleven years, with the contract covering the preliminary phase (design supervision) through to the construction, manufacturing, testing and commissioning phases, as well as its operation over the first two years.

The first line of the Bogotá Metro will have 16 stations spread over 23.9 kilometres, and will be able to transport 72,000 passengers per hour in each direction, i.e. more than a million passengers each day. The project is especially important given the fact that Bogotá, with a population of 8 million, is one of the world’s most congested cities.

‘This is the biggest engineering contract ever awarded to Ayesa and is a reflection of the excellent work we have carried out as part of major infrastructure projects in Latin America, and in particular metro systems’, notes José Luis Manzanares, CEO of Ayesa.

In Latin America since 2003

Ayesa has been present in Latin America since 2003, where it is now involved in projects in seven countries. Amongst its most noteworthy projects here are the first line of the Quito Metro, lines 1, 2 and 4 of the Lima Metro and lines 1 and 2 of the Panama Metro.

In Colombia, Ayesa is currently involved in other projects designed to improve urban and inter-urban transport, such as providing supervision services for the commuter rail network, RegioTram de Occidente, in Cundinamarca, and overseeing the extension of Bogota’s bus rapid transit system, Transmilenio, along Avenida 68.