The Chairman of Ayesa asks the Spanish Government to take steps to ensure the engineering industry remains the country’s powerhouse

Today, the Chairman of Ayesa, José Luis Manzanares Japón, participated in the CEOE Business Summit, an event which brings together Spain’s leading business figures with the aim of putting forward measures to reactivate the country’s economy.

During the fourth day of the summit organised by this business association, which was devoted to infrastructure, the Chairman urged the Government to introduce favourable tax treatment for exports and companies which have operations abroad.

He also explained how he believes government contracts should be awarded to companies which commit to protecting jobs.

He highlighted the importance of the sector and asked for investment in infrastructure to be maintained, as it ‘needs to move with the times and embark upon a strategy of digital transformation’.

According to José Luis, these steps are crucial if we are to avoid another great crisis in the engineering industry. The 2008 crisis ‘was particularly brutal for engineering companies, 80% of which closed. We’re currently facing a much worse recession, as it affects the entire world. We cannot allow a repeat of 2008 because engineering is the powerhouse of our country’.

The Chairman of Ayesa also urged the private sector, not just the Government, to ensure the future of the industry: ‘we must all do our bit to take the engineering industry into the 21st century, based on a technology-centric approach across all sectors, from industry to construction’.

He ended by talking about the need for Spain ‘to fight to get ahead’ in the current landscape, going on to explain how ‘engineering is fundamental if we are to achieve this’.