Ayesa makes a donation to Cáritas to help alleviate the social crisis caused by COVID-19

Ayesa has joined forces with other Spanish companies to lead the way in alleviating the health, economic and social crisis caused by COVID-19.

The engineering and technology consulting firm has donated €100,000 to Cáritas Seville to help it during these extremely testing times.

This charity does fantastic work across Spain through the shelters and assistance it offers, as well as its fight against inequality, helping almost 3 million people each year.

Since the Spanish Government declared a state of emergency, requests for assistance have risen sharply as lockdown causes increasingly desperate situations for the most underprivileged. Three of the four poorest neighbourhoods in Spain are in Seville and the city is one of the country’s most hard hit by the crisis.

‘We have to pull together to put a stop to this social tragedy, now made even worst by the pandemic. A fair society is one which doesn’t leave anyone behind. However, unfortunately, this crisis has shown us once again that there are still many vulnerable sections of society who rely on charities’, notes José Luis Manzanares, President of Ayesa.

Ayesa Foundation

The Ayesa Foundation has launched an initiative to drive private donations and encourage corporate volunteering, through its website ( All funds raised will go to the Seville Food Bank and the Red Cross. To get things rolling, the foundation has donated €6000.

The Ayesa Foundation has also made its time and attendance system available to the non-profit sector, in order to allow their staff to work from home whilst complying with Spanish regulations, which require companies to collect information about the hours worked by their employees each day.