010 sees its team grow by more than 40% in response to the increase in calls caused by COVID-19

Seville City Council has allocated over 40% more staff to man its public telephone information service 010, which is run by Ayesa. The city’s residents can call this number to ask for information about online services offered by the Council and local public companies, as well as the various measures and changes to public services, introduced as a result of the health crisis caused by COVID-19.

The team, which has gone from having 21 to 30 members of staff, has taken 10,741 calls over the past week, 8% more than the previous one.

‘010 is proving to be an essential service for providing the public with information’, explains Adela Castaño, head of Seville City Council’s Equality, Education, Public Participation and District Coordination Area.

Movement allowed by the Spanish Royal Decree Declaring a State of Emergency, local Tussam bus services, measures put into place by Lipasam for disinfecting streets and online services offered by the city’s public companies are just some examples of issues relating to the current health crisis which the public can get information on by calling 010.

Ayesa has taken all the necessary steps to implement the laws introduced by the Spanish Government in response to COVID-19. As such, the majority of its staff have opted to work from home, and the few who are continuing to work on site are spread across different shifts. Measures have also been introduced to ensure the required distance is kept between staff, as well as provide them with the necessary means to protect themselves from the virus.