Ayesa in 2018: 1.5% growth, 274 million euros in revenue and 24 million euros in EBITDA

Ayesa, a Spanish multinational which specialises in engineering, technology and consultancy (ETC), has closed the 2018 financial year with 1.5% growth in comparison to 2017. As such, the group's companies generated a total of 274 million euros in revenue.

Of the company's six business areas, Technology Consultancy, and Civil Engineering and Architecture achieved the best results with a 15% and 13% increase in revenue respectively. However, these significant increases are not seen in overall revenue due to a decrease in industrial construction (EPC) projects in 2018.

Moreover, EBITDA exceeded 24 million euros, representing an operating margin of 9%, and the performance of foreign currencies and exchange rates was favourable for the company.

Ayesa has continued to focus on offering new value-added technology solutions and services, such as those based on smart technology (Smart Life) and Industry 4.0 (Digital Factory), which now represent more than 10% of the company's total revenue.

These departments develop Ayesa's most innovative projects, bringing smart technology such as virtual and augmented reality, big data, analytics, machine learning and IoT to strategic sectors, including industry, security, sustainable mobility, water and energy.


Part of the reason for Ayesa’s growth in 2018 was its involvement in international projects, which represented 49% of all its work, a record for the company. Civil Engineering continues to be the most international of Ayesa’s business areas with 90% of its work taking place outside of Spain.

In terms of regional performance, projects in Latin America generated the most revenue for the company, this increasing by 5.7% in comparison to the previous financial year. As such, Ayesa is currently involved in major projects throughout the continent, mainly in the areas of urban transport and hydraulic infrastructure. In fact, just a few days ago Line 2 of the Panama Metro, which was supervised by Ayesa, was opened. Here, the company is also implementing major technology solutions for the utilities sector, as well as continuing to develop economic-financial systems for the Panamanian and Ecuadorian governments.

Furthermore, engineering contracts for new desalination plants and transport systems in the Middle East have meant Ayesa’s turnover from projects in this part of the world has doubled, this being one of the most recent regions the company has expanded into. In terms of Europe, in 2017 the company opened an office in Italy, which is making good progress in the area of technology solutions for the comprehensive management of utilities.

‘The 2018 financial year saw the company push ahead with important engineering, technology and consultancy projects, and has given way to an impressive 2019 in terms of major new contracts and innovation’, explained José Luis Manzanares Japón, President of Ayesa.