Ayesa develops for WishiLife an advanced 100% electric carsharing technological platforms

Ayesa continues to grow as a technological consultancy firm in the sphere of sustainable mobility. The multinational has developed for the Spanish company WishiLife an advanced technological platform for electric carsharing.

WishiLife is the fifth operator to launch a free-floating electric service in Madrid. It became operational in January in the centre of the capital and north-eastern sector of the region. Specifically, in Boadilla del Monte, Aravaca-Pozuelo de Alarcón, Majadahonda, and Las Rozas, providing service to a surface area of up to one-hundred square kilometres.

Until now, its cars have been used by more than 1,300 clients. Yet the service has brought in several innovations, such as payment per kilometres travelled rather than per minute. Similarly, it offers different alternatives, such as daily rentals, through WishiLife Rent (the first electric rent-a-car system in mainland Spain) and in the long-term through its product, hitherto unheard of on the market, WishiLife Home. In the latter case, the clients are provided with a specially designed charger for the electrical vehicle that the firm installs free of charge in their homes.

WishiLife came into being with a float of around 40 electric vehicles and has plans to expand this up to 300 in the first year. The company is the first multi-brand carsharing operator in Spain. Its fleet is comprised of the most ground-breaking models available in the industry, namely the Volkswagen e-Golf, the state-of-the-art Nissan Leaf and Renault Zoe.

Via the WishiLife web ( or by using the mobile application currently available for the Android network, anyone may book a vehicle. Furthermore, the solution is rounded off with a web portal and back-office to handle operations.


With regard to the mobile App, this is available on the Android store, where users can register by simply uploading a photo of their driving licence, a “selfie” and a valid means of payment; thus being able to hire different vouchers or services; query the status of the vehicles available in real time; make immediate bookings or request a vehicle be sent to wherever they want whenever they want through the WishiLife Delivery services, with a minimum of 20 minutes’ forewarning.

Likewise, incidents affecting the vehicle can be reported; the cars can be opened and closed; maps can be consulted (geofences) of the areas set aside for vehicle parking. Thanks to this technology, some areas have been given special rates, for example in the case of the airport.

In addition, the application developed by Ayesa adds special functional aspects for the fleet maintenance staff in the central depots, such as push notifications on new tasks that have been assigned to them and the handling of vehicle delivery and collection.

Turning to the web, as well as all the functions mentioned above, it acts as a management portal. From it, the user may query consumption levels, means of payment, billing and contracted products.

In tandem, the operator has access to data updated in real time for the entire fleet in the form warnings, incidents, service performance indicators broken down by area, handling of vehicle delivery and collection, geofences enabled or firmware for devices, amongst other aspects.