Ayesa to supervise the construction of three new roads in Poland

Ayesa has achieved three major contracts in Poland in the last trimester of 2018: the supervision of the A1 motorway and the national DK91 and DK73.

The A1 is a great project that will link the country from north to south, from Gdańsk in the Baltic Sea through the voivoidates (region) of Łódź and Silesia to the border with Czech Republic. Ayesa will supervise one of the four sections in which the 63.8-kilometer Tuszyn-Pyrzowice route has been divided. Specifically, it is section C (16.7 kilometers), from the Kamieńsk junction to Radomsko, for 1.8 million euros. It includes 17 structures such as viaducts, bridges, crossings and drainages. The total investment in this part of the road, which is carried out under a public-private scheme, amounts to 163.5 million euros.

Another contract is the Morawica and Wola Morawicka ring road, belonging to the national road 73 that links Kielce with Busko and Tarnów. The General Direction of National Roads and Highways assigned Ayesa the supervision of the design, execution of works and management of the contract, for 1.5 million.

And the third contract has the same purpose but on the extension of the overpass and the crossing of National Road No. 1 (91) in Przechowo, Kuyavia-Pomerania Voivodeship, for almost one million euros.

Artur Majczak, director of Ayesa in Poland since August 2012, highlights that these assignments confirms Ayesa as one of the main engineering companies in road supervision in Poland.

"In the last year we have completed large contracts, also within the A1 highway and two related to railway supervision. But, in any case, they were all smaller than the last ones," he stresses.