“Industry must be bolstered in 4.0 environments to tackle the disruptive changes in the offing”

Ayesa, the Spanish multinational specializing in engineering, technology and consultancy, brought together at The Valley Business School (Madrid), around fifty executives and entrepreneurs from industrial firms to introduce them to the benefits of digitalization.

José Luis Manzanares Abásolo, CEO of the Engineering and Territory Division at Ayesa, encouraged companies from the manufacturing sector to embrace the advancements of Industry 4.0 to do business more efficiently and equip themselves technologically to tackle the new backdrop. “Industry must be bolstered in 4.0 environments to tackle the disruptive changes in the offing”.

One of the conclusions reached during the round table held is that technology is changing the way people work in all sectors but that when embarking on a project, one cannot put technology before the identification of the problem.

All of the attendees shared this view, therein debating the revolution of Industry 4.0; the importance of the gathering, handling and interpretation of data and the necessary management of the shift in digital transformation processes.

As practical applications, predictive maintenance thanks to technology such as machine learning or personalized production through additive layer manufacturing or 3D were examined during the event.


Alongside the Head of Ayesa’s Digital Factory, Manuel Gavira, the debate also featured José Vicente Solano, Repsol’s Digitalization Manager; Francisco González, CEO and Managing Partner at Cartagon, as well as David Pozo, Technical Director of Industry Automation at Siemens.

In turn, María José Cujo, Ayesa’s expert on pulse lines, explained the influence of the design of processes and applied technology on manufacturing costs.

Nonetheless, the star of the show was the interactive showroom, in which digital transformation could be experienced hands-on in a simulated digital factory. The attendees could experiment with the most potent technology enablers currently in operation in Industry 4.0, namely augmented reality, virtual reality and automatization. Similarly, unveiled its in-house software to manage remotely incidents in industrial environments.

Pedro Sanz, Managing Director of the Advanced Engineering Manufacture Division at Ayesa, stressed that the true added value of the company within the world of Industry 4.0 is the “combination of engineering and technology skills.”

The projects that have already been developed by the group in this sphere range from the manufacture of solar panels for satellites to plastic containers for cosmetics.  In any event, the service is focused on all types of sectors, including agri-foods, consumer products and electronic components, oil & gas and other raw materials.