Ayesa is steaming ahead in Panamanian waters

Panama, one of Latin America's most thriving economies, has become one of Ayesa's driving forces for growth. In 2010, the contract to supervise line 1 of the Panama Metro system jump-started the company's operations in the canal country, being followed subsequently by other large infrastructure projects.

In the last eight years, Ayesa has generated prestige as an engineering company, especially in transport and unique projects. In the latter area, it has carried out important construction works such as the Children's Hospital and the Amador Convention Centre.

But it will be in 2018 that it goes a step further and confirms itself in the water and environment sector, so connected to Ayesa's origins and its very name.

The fact is that in 2017, the company was the successful bidder for the project management (project supervision, construction and commissioning) of the expansion of the hydraulic ring in the east area and extension of Panama's north aqueduct for 9.5 million dollars (around 7.6 million euros). The offer submitted by Ayesa obtained a high technical score (68 out of 70).

Mega infrastructure

These works, tendered by Conades -a government-dependent organism- will benefit 770,000 of the province's residents.

This mega infrastructure is like a great artery, a giant pipe one metre in diameter and 80 kilometres long which will improve the capital's water supply network as the system currently has certain deficiencies. It forms part of a five-year plan by the Government to guarantee drinking water 24 hours a day and improve sanitation, amongst other things.

Ayesa will supervise the works of two different contractors. 



This contract signals the company's consolidation in the water sector after having completed similar works in the west area last January, also belonging to this great supply ring serving Panama City.

 The complexity of the works arises, on the one hand, from their eminently urban nature, with the repercussions for citizens and their daily lives, transport, etc. At the same time, the co-existence of two contractors simultaneously requires the organisation of communication and coordination tasks in a specific way.

This infrastructure will reinforce and increase the general drinking water supply capacity to the whole of the east and north area of Panama City.

Almost simultaneously, in January 2018, Ayesa was awarded another large water contract to supervise the construction of three water-treatment plants. It was the expansion of Chilibre, the new plant of Gamboa and Sabinitas 2.